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The "WHAT IF" - Solar Gain Calculator

The calculator is an online Excel form, and not mobile-friendly. If you're trying to use this calculator, please switch to a larger screen. Sorry for the inconvenience.

To use this calculator, only the 3 "Green Box" fields are meant to be changed via the drop-down list. Refresh the page if you accidentally mess up the form.

The default shown is a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, which results in only "4 RECHARGES PER YEAR" from 28 recharges per year, or close to "3000 KM" of range from 460 km only, roughly equivalent to "3 months" of driving with no recharging.

Generally, the mileage gain is highly dependent on EV's Energy Efficiency. With the combination of an efficient motor, your daily average distance travels, and an efficient solar system while parked under the sun, some EV model shows a remarkable result.

The worldwide average passenger vehicle daily traveling distance is between 25-50 km. Australia's average is about 31.1 km.

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